Thursday, June 8, 2017


It's only Thursday. Nothing good ever happens on a Thursday. This day cannot even be compared to the revelations implicit to the third or the seventh days, being lost, somewhere, between the test and it's consequential judgement. Thursday is the day that is for waiting and patience (that dreaded word).

When I woke up this morning with a pillow wet with tears, I was praying for you, with my face straining upward towards the heavens. I felt with you, unworthy and powerless. I experienced this awareness as a benediction on my head and hand, the marks in my flesh a vision in action, with all the desire to share it with you, as a satisfied parent's joy and gratification. Stay still in that need. He will answer you. Do not be provoked into proving yourself, but instead, wait on Him. When He told us to call ourselves unworthy servants, He left us no place to go but up, with no achievements to do but those done in Him.

At the very least, there is found the strength to endure, which is he joy of the Lord. Who, when gazing on His face, would not gladly grant Him anything? In the pain, reach out and touch Him. He is grace for us when we are weak. That grace removes the toxins from our very soul, while He remains within our sight. He changes the narrative, from what has been and is being taken from us, into what we have been privileged to give, to glorify and lift Him up, to partake of who He is, to yet be counted worthy to suffer for Him and for His Name!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Esteemed Torah Scholar, Mr Mordicai Kraft

It has been with exceedingly great delight that I discovered, and have been watching your Torah teaching videos. Your wonder for the Work of Divinity shows and I cannot help but feel the same. Deep calling unto deep, as it were.

Then I witnessed, with great alarm, you make a statement about Christianity to the effect of, "They have only one prophesy, and it has never come true." Here is demonstrated an appalling and willful ignorance of the subject matter! Do you understand that "Christianity" HAS NO PROPHESIES of it's own, whatsoever? Do you realize that the "New Testament" was written by JEWS? Paul of New Testament fame says it like this, "To the Jews are the revelations"! Jesus, himself, said, "Salvation is of the Jews."

I am telling you all this because Messiah shall reveal himself shortly. How will you have a king, unless you can obey him, and how can you obey him, unless you know him? Most of all, how can you know him, unless you have already loved him? (For you have yet to see his face.) How will you recognize the Sar Ha Panim (the face of divinity)?

It will be for the creating of your own jealousy if you refuse the words of a "christian"! Despite the fact that our family persecution was instigated by (Jewish) brethren, my own grandfather saw fit to die in Germany, at the hands of the nazis, while fighting in the US army! (And him from a sect that eschewed violence!)

Please listen to my warning, that far worse is coming to you, than that which my grandfather opposed. War must break out soon (as I am sure you are aware)! Shavuot will be the breaking point! The Lord will call the children, as ministers for Messiah, and He will defend them! Just before, there is a sign to be watching for. My person represents the Key of the house of David. Watch for this key to be lifted up with the chariots of my noble people, for this is the indication that the dominion has been returned to Israel. That is when the fighting starts!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Living the Song

If HE has made me free, then there is no reason to hide who I am, in Him! I am the key, of the line of David, given as a sign to my people (since they will not listen to the words of a woman!). The kingdom of heaven, and Machiach, will not take you by force, but by persuasions of the heart! You see, HE uses the low things, the humble things, of this world, to teach you His truths, to coax out and germinate the genuine expressions of zeal! It must be of HIM! The Shulimite is "black but comely" (Song of Solomon 1:5) because she is the lowest of the low, given all the drudge work, but what HE loves is her humility, which is so like His own! Her giving of herself is precious to Him. She refuses to cover the signs of her suffering, with a veil, like the prostitures who seek an easy life, pursuing His companions with their charms. (Song 1:7)

My mother's father was shot by the nazis in Germany, as he was fighting for the US army! His name was Victor. Indeed he was.

When Machiach did not arrive, along with the signs, I went into Jerusalem to seek Him. Oh, Jerusalem, when you understand, do not stir Him up before it is time! I wish I could ask for your prayer for me, for I am committed, but bewildered! My longing for Him brings me to sorrow because of the prolonging of the time our reunion!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Meaning of Freedom

Is it really to do what you want? If we are honest, we realize that that is what we hope it means. In living life, freedom's meaning is found in process, where we gain understanding. Innocence has no clue, of what to do, with such an esoteric concept.

Before we've even started, our adversary would replace, for us, with pointless exploitative substitutes, this great gift. The devil incites us to remain ignorant of this viscerally, gratifying satisfaction for which our soul longs. Sin is the greatest robber there is.

It is only after we are taken into captivity that we realize what it is exactly,  that we do not want. From the lack comes the longing and the tears.  Freedom is something greater than this ugliness which rules us, from the culmination of our desires worked out to their ends. Worshipping the flesh is abuse, not freedom. We arrived here when we were led astray by distraction, deception, and finally, disenfranchisement. So when our enslavement is removed, when our bindings are cut off, we realize what freedom is for.

First, He breaks our chains. We no longer answer to the rules of an abusive pagan system. We answer to HIM with grace, hope, and love. We see the dizzying width of the distance, between where we are in Him, and where we were, between where we have been and where we are going. Our desire to do what we want changes to desiring to do what frees and strengthens another to like privilege of position. There is joy without censure, this being like Him.

This is how God turns our ashes to beauty, and mourning into joy, turns the worst of possible circumstance into blessed celebration. Out hearts are free  by knowing HIM! Freedom is not given to us to be boring with the drugery of tasks to be done, or blind repetition. It is a clear eye, a keen mind, and a willful drive towards sacrificial involvement, an obvious, heartfelt appreciation of all that loves and is loved! Freedom is the implementing of the choice we make, NOW! We are free when we belong to Him, when we are lost in the unrivalled pleasure of His love and beauty. No chains can rebind me, no mind can confine me, filled as I am with Spirit of freedom!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

A Prayer of Worship

This is THE king strong and mighty that has no equal. To Him alone belongs the pinnacle of power and glory. There is no one strong enough to resist Him. His rule is absolute. Death and destruction cannot overcome Him, yet He has overcome them. Now they serve Him, and in HIS hands, they are changed, turned inside out and upside down. He fashions such beauty from ashes, Resurrection and new life from death, and from pain comes knowledge and understanding, motivation to righteousness, deliverance, and ultimately, abiding peace and unspeakable joy!
There is no other time. There is no other place. There is nothing left for me to do at all. This is the forever part of heaven. You see, for love of You, I would attempt to climb any mountain, I would swim across any sea, I would take on any strenuous task. How very heavy, overwhelming, is the weight of Your glory and encompassing love! I am crushed under and abased, I am lifted up and exalted on high in accompaniment with Your spanning of the limits of existence. Your presence is a flood over me. No room left over for fear. I cannot remember my failures. There is no time to consider my sin. There is nothing more here, but the joy which is YOU, because You are everything to me. You, alone. You are worthy. Only You are enough! So, then, if Your worship is what I exist for, the breath of my body, am I too small or big to to suffer for You? Can I receive pain from You as a beloved gift, because of Your worthiness? How can I feel anything but honor and satisfaction in accepting what comes from You, Your beloved Hand? I am satisfied by YOU.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Key Turns in the Door

This is the calling HE has given me, to be surrounded by beauty and grace, those things which are the mark of HIS presence! I am FREE to come into the center of HIS power, the throne of HIS mercy and compassion, which HE reserves for me (and others like me). I am HIS. The peace here is as overwhelmingly strong as the deep ocean currents, those tides carrying me into contemplations of everlasting joy, and refreshing me, as does a spring rainbow over a flower washed field. I have been totally humbled. There are none lower in stature than me. I am a servant of all. Kindness has done this for me, has given me what I most craved, the understanding which can only be gained by looking UP! My eyes have been lifted up to GLORY, mysteries HE has unveiled to me in my wonder and my gratitude. Through infirmity and weakness is understanding and wisdom built into strength! Paul knew about this. The abundant life HE gives consists of how much we can give! Our dominion is in how much we provide for the care and joy of our Brethren! It is a great privilege to serve! I choose, from love, the gratification and fulfillment that makes me complete, for giving is Christ's own image of righteousness in us!

"Out of the mouths of babes, YOU have ordained praise!" Matt 21:16 and Psalm 8:2

"And a little child shall lead them!" Isaiah 11:6

I will rejoice for my Lord is with me. He has not cast me aside, but has prepared for me an office of service! Who am I, that my sons should be chosen to so fervently give glory to HIS Name? Yet, to me HE has shown favor and kindly regard! It is YOU, oh Lord, whose graciousness delights to bring wonder to the hearts of those who trust in YOU! For no man has ordained these children, and their father has rejected them! Yet YOU have taken them to YOUR heart, have made them YOUR family, and have placed them at YOUR table! Their office is to minister to the King of Glory, and they carry His Name to the nations! Their office is enscribed upon them, for they are the emissaries of The Almighty!

Understanding of the prophesies about to unfold!

He told us to follow HIM! We are to be conformed to the image of HIS death and resurrection. What a privilege! What a glory!

Some insight into the prophesies.....ISIS is the kingdom of the beast, as the three horns plucked up are  Babylon (Iraq), Syria, and Egypt. The prophesies call the son of perdition the Assyrian, the King of Babylon, and the King of Egypt. Obama is the false prophet, bringing the caliphate back into power, which is the head that was mortally wounded, only to be brought back from extinction. Obama used the second beast of Revelation (America) to do this, America is also the virgin daughter of Babylon, which shall be subdued by war on her shores. The sign of Christ's coming is the rapture! His bride has been in the wilderness for forty jubilee years, but now she must enter into her promised land, not this Egypt she will be leaving, on the same day as Israel entered in, the same day her Lord entered in, the tenth of the month!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Sorrowful Outcast is Home at Last

I will scatter your ashes upon the winds of time,
A written reckoning of memories and characters of crime.
We were partners in our heartbreak and twins in our despair.
They used and discarded us, as contempt, cannot be prevailed upon, to care.
A confluence of puzzled people who never really knew you, 
self identified, instead, by the emotions they knew through you.
Unveiled in sentimental poetry or some romantic song,
They were vehement expressions of your longing to belong.
Bound in chains, your soul, and by memories exiled.
No sanctuary safe for you, that's by sorcery defiled.
Beware! My sister, in the midst of laughing faces, 
Are the harbingers of harlotry, forced on you in desperate places!
Your simple chattering from innocence, taken as ingenious.
Twisted countenance of avarice, conceals multiplied aims, duplicitous!
Notwithstanding what is said, best laid plans of theirs are savage.
Contrary to what you see, life's vitality they would ravage!
All your work, to just feel better, has only made you worse.
Opening up to the destroyer, has brought with it a curse.
Beyond the realm of possible, to repudiate your choices.
Now others will have to speak for you, their voices
Lovingly put away that past, as irrelevant and dead,
And speak of your new freedom and completed peace, instead.
I was the one who saw you in your vulnerability,
Tried to be there for you when I could, so you would see Christ, in me.
Those who tried to tell me that you were my enemy,
Well, I simply said, don't speak like that, about my family!
The full flower of your beauty has bloomed over us at last!
A heart of gold, that's reconciled, has no stains left over from the past!
Those who have abused you know judgement is at hand, 
While my beloved sister, remains serene, right where she stands! 
They believed her sins, would condemn her, in the end,
But over her HIS gentle hand, of love and mercy does extend!
They know NOT her God, who cares for her, with no equal to His power!
All they'll see are blood and fire, as He rains judgement in that hour!
Fear not! Dear sister, to be encircled by the arms of glory!
Crystal streams, green meadows, attend your end time story!
Now you know exactly what you might have missed before!
You've found your home, in the presence of, the One whom you adore!